The Row-G made-to-measure experience
consists of four appointments,
taking between four and six weeks.
Should you need your garment sooner,
we can shorten this process.

First Appointment
When you arrive we’ll discuss exactly what
made-to-measure options you’d like.
A Personal Tailoring Associate will advise
and assist you in choosing your cloth, garment
style and any other personalised details.
Our fabrics are exceptional, sourced from the
very best mills and wool merchants in the world.
You can select a directional cloth from our
seasonal collection or choose something classic
from a plethora of fabric swatches.
A Duty Tailor will take your measurements.

Second Appointment
This appointment begins with a toile fitting where you try on a cotton garment. We will amend the fit, balance and proportion of this garment while you wear it, and commit to final decisions that ensure
your personal preferences.

Third Appointment
This is the basting fitting where your garment, now made from your chosen cloth, is fitted on you. The garment is, however, only half made and loosely hand-stitched, allowing us the freedom to do final alterations, and adjust details like button placement
and sleeve length.

Fourth Appointment
At this final appointment, your finished garment is ready for you to try on. Should additional tweaks be required, they can be completed within a few days, and your garment will then be ready for
delivery or collection.